City Coach

New Year’s 2019 : « This year, I’m getting back into sports »

New Year’s 2020: “This year, I’m actually getting back into sports.”

Does this sound familiar? Too often, playing the sport that we love is simply not possible: overloaded schedules, long transit to the gym, handling bulky machines, or sports clubs that do not accommodate our schedule.  

The CityCoach journey began with this simple but important observation: despite our efforts, many obstacles hinder our access to sports. Our objective is to remove these obstacles and simplify access to sports in order to create opportunities for active living. How? By switching from a world of constraints to one of possibilities: CityCoach.

At CityCoach, no more time or location constraints, you simply have to choose your coach. Our purpose is to give you easy access to a variety of private coaches in the sport that you love. Here, you will find carefully selected coaches who have your back. 

We believe that everyone should be able to redefine and maximize their potential, at will. Book the coach that is best suited to you and practice your sport, when and where you want to.

Choosing a CityCoach is to trust a passionate and devoted sports instructor who strives to support you in defining, meeting, and even surpassing your goals. 


Your Coach, Your Journey

Auguste and Jean - Coach & Co-Founders