At CityCoach,
we take COVID-19 seriously

For the safety of all members of the CityCoach community, it is important to follow the guidelines recommended by the provincial and federal governments, and those of relevant sports federations.


As much as possible, maintain physical distancing of 2 meters with others at all times


If you have been in contact with a person who has COVID-19, you must quarantine and consult a health specialist


If you are worried about being able to maintain physical distancing, wearing a mask is recommended, except in cases of intense exercise


It is not recommended to shake hands, do high-fives, embrace, nor any other form of physical contact during a sports activity


If you have COVID-19, you must absolutely see a health specialist. And of course, you cannot practice physical activities with others until approval from a health specialist.


Cough and sneeze in your elbow


During a game, it is allowed for individuals to make brief physical contact or to come close to contact, if it is not a frequent occurrence


It is recommended to have a hydroalcoholic solution in your possession at all times in order to disinfect your hands as needed


If you are more susceptible to getting COVID-19 (e.g. immunodeficiency, chronic illness, 70 years or older), you should avoid physical contact with others. If you decide to do physical exercise, the rules provided above apply to you

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Everyone should use their own equipment, when possible

It is important that objects and equipment that are shared, be disinfected between uses

The use of sports equipment that comes into contact with different individuals whose hands have not been disinfected, is not recommended